Invocation of the Four Beasts

5c0523ea90375e007352ffdb_144055This invocation was written by John Halstead. It was inspired by Zsu­zsanna Budapests’ initiation ritual for young men as Sacred Sons of the Goddess, published in The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (1979) and also by Robert Graves’ “Four Beasts of Horeb.” In this invocation, the quarters are invoked in a cross-wise pattern, rather than a circular pattern.


I call on the Spirit of the Earth, the Black Bull of the North, the Horned One. I feel you in the strength of my arms and legs. I feel you in all the sensations of my body. From my fingertips, to the roots of my hair, to the secret places of my body.


I call on the Spirit of the Fire, the Bright Lion of the South, the Wild One. I feel you in all the emotions of my heart. I feel your roar in my anger. I feel your leap in my joy and passion. I feel you protecting me, like your cub, in my sadness and my fear.


I call on the Spirit of the Air, the Eagle of the East, the High Soaring One. I know you in all the thoughts of my mind. I see you soaring in all my ideas. I see you diving in my imagination. I see your wings in all my brightest visions.


I call on the Spirit of the Water, the Twisting Serpent of the West, the Deep Knowing One. I know you in the wisdom of my soul. In the root of me, I feel your connection to the Earth. In the core of me, I know your strange power. In the back of my mind, I meet you in my dreams, when the Eagle sleeps.

Updated 2019