A Wordless Elemental Invocation

solsticio-1-a1This ritual was written by John Halstead.


Face towards the east. Keeping your arms at your sides, raise your hands to chest level with your palms pointing away from you. You can extend your arms fully or bend your elbows slightly. Spread your fingers out, but keep your hands relaxed, like you would if you were are riding on the back of a bike or in a car with your hand out the window, feeling the air moving through your fingers.


Face towards the equator (south in the northern hemisphere). Tilt your head back and turn your gaze upward. Raise your hands all the way above your head. Your elbows should be straight, fully extending your arms. Spread your fingers as far as you can. Bring your thumbs together and place your index fin­gers together to form a diamond shape, while keeping your fin­gers splayed. Tilt your wrists back. Imagine a line stretching from the center of your forehead (Third Eye) through the center of the diamond formed by your fingers to the Sun.


Face toward the west. From the previous position, level your head and your gaze. Bend your elbows and lower your hands down to chest level, while turning your palms upward and cup­ping your hands together. In one fluid motion, slowly raise your hands like you would if you were scooping water from a water­fall.


Face towards the pole (north in the northern hemisphere). Turn your gaze down. Hold out your hands at waist level with your palms facing downwards, parallel to the ground. Place one hand over the other in front of you, keeping your palms facing down (like you are preparing to perform chest compressions in CPR). Your hands should now form two overlapping planes. Press your hands together. Feel how the two forces interact to create a firm foundation.

Center (Axis Mundi)

Lean your head back and turn your gaze upward again. Raise both hands up towards the sky, palms inward (like a football ref­eree making a field goal sign). Point your fingers toward the sky. Hold that position. Now turn your gaze downward while you lower your projective or dominant hand to point one finger at the ground. Keep your receptive, non-dominant hand pointed upward. Hold that position. Now raise your gaze again while you lift your projective hand towards the sky, simultaneously bringing your receptive hand down.

Updated 2019